McMaster Undergradutate Seismic &
Design Team

In collaboration with the EERI Institute,
as well as the McMaster Chapter of EERI Graduate Engineers.

About Us

We are a collaborative group of undergraduate engineers looking for an oppurtunity to make a diffrence.

The Undergraduate Seismic Design Team launched its bid to compete in the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) 2015 Seismic Design Competition (SDC), in September 2014. With Adrian Crowder and Mike Kovacs as the primary graduate student advisers on the project, undergraduate students from 2nd year to 6th year (including specialty programs and internship-experienced students) gathered to learn about the opportunity, and what was required to compete. It was the advisers’ goal to teach a diverse undergraduate group about the dynamic design of structures, and to encourage them to problem solve their way to success. Adrian and Mike also wanted to encourage the team to take on the challenge from several unique angles.



We educate ourselves to make earthquake damage preventative technology, affordable and reliable for everyone in every nation.

We compete to learn from universities all over the world, all in while expanding the skill set that we can utilize for upcoming years.

We want McMaster and the Hamilton reigion to be more aware of issues concerning Earth as a whole. Inspiring students and Civil Engineers to be much more aware about what are some of the geologic and structural concerns the Earth faces.

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We design structures and compete with international teams to bring seismic research into the spotlight.

Read more about what we do and how you could help us reach our goals, all in while you support the industry and the message.

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